What is KAIUEO?

Behind the name of ‘KAIUEO’

Kaiu (Kayu) – Wood (Indonesian);

Our products are proudly designed, sourced and crafted in Indonesia. Our brand strives to promote the riches of Indonesian culture, traditions, and talents amid vast globalisation. 

We use wood as our primary material as they produce higher quality toys, long-lasting and are non-toxic. Having a touch of nature in your house is a plus point too!

A I U E O – Vowels; 

Vowels are amongst the first things we learn in school that we constantly use throughout our everyday lives. It reflects the power and impact of simplicity; how these five letters become the building blocks of endless possibilities.

Vision & Mission

Play-Based Learning

The first few years in a child’s life is a period of rapid growth. Within five short years, their brains develop to 90% of full-grown adults; how awesome is that! 

Children develop life skills and learn about the world through play. When a child plays, their social skills, dexterity, cognitive, physical and emotional health are sharpened.

Our products seek to enhance your child’s development process by implementing Montessori and Waldorf inspired education methods; involving open-ended, hands-on, and collaborative activities. 

Sustainable Warriors

Using sustainable and highly recyclable resources in our products and packaging, we aim to educate and influence the younger generation to care deeply about the environment. Our young warriors could save the planet by generating fewer plastic waste and consuming less harmful materials.

Proudly Indonesian

Globalisation in today’s world has affected us in many ways, from the food we eat, the clothes we wear, to the language we speak. Unfortunately, the variety of cultures and traditions we consume daily have overshadowed the richness of our own.

Kaiueo strives to bring light to the Indonesian culture, tradition, and skills of its people. That is why our products are proudly designed and crafted by creative, talented Indonesians.

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