Women Behind KAIUEO

Sarah - Managing Director

Graduated with a Bachelor of Business in Accounting from Monash University in 2016, Sarah is an entrepreneur building businesses across multiple fields. Amongst her endeavours, she is most involved in the finance department of her furniture manufacturing company in Yogyakarta.

Sarah resides in Melbourne alongside her small family. As an extrovert, she loves spending her weekends surrounded by friends and family. Aside from Montessori practices and open-ended toys, Sarah cares deeply about the environment, climate change, and living a sustainable lifestyle. She is passionate about architecture, living spaces, and interior design. 

Claudia - Creative Director

Graduated with an Honours degree in Industrial Design from RMIT University in 2020, Claudia worked as an industrial designer in an Australian company, designing award-winning deconstructable mobile play carts. Her love of children, combined with a profound interest in interior design and wooden furniture, has resulted in her pursuing a career in the field of educational wooden toys.

When not working, Claudia loves spending her time exploring and gaining new experiences. So far, she has taught herself crocheting, playing the guitar and violin, Korean language, and the list goes on. Claudia is also passionate about food. She spends most of her weekends trying new restaurants and cafes.

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